Seattle Natural

4th Annual NGA Seattle Natural Pro/Am Bodybuilding Championships

DATE: Saturday, May 19, 2018

•Judges Meeting 9:30am
•Athletes Meeting 10:15am
•Pre-Judging 11:00am $20 tickets cash only
•Finals/Awards 1:00pm (Approximately) $30 tickets cash only
•All-day pass $40 cash only

VENUE: University Heights Center, 5031 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

ATHLETE CHECK-IN, TESTING & TANNING: Fremont Health Club, St. James Tower, 920 N 34th St. Suite 200, Seattle WA 98103

SANCTIONING: National Gym Association, Inc.

Marlina Tesoro Velasco • 206-979-7363

To register, simply follow a two-step process by clicking links below for registration into our database then pay appropriate fees.


NOTE: This registration step is required for all athletes to be entered into our electronic event management system.


• 2018 Athlete Registration Fee Initial Division $70 (Pay $70 Now)
• Pro Athlete Registration Fee Initial Division $100 (Pay $100 Now)
• Initial Registration +1 Add Division at $40 ea (Pay $110 Now)
• Initial Registration +2 Add Divisions at $40 ea (Pay $150 Now)
• Initial Registration +3 Add Divisions at $40 ea (Pay $190 Now)
• NGA Annual Membership $65 (Pay $65 to NGA)
• Trainer’s/Coach’s Backstage Pass $50 (Pay $50 Now)
• Judges Critiques $20 (Pay $20 Now)
• Additional Division at $40 ea (Pay $40 Now)
• Contest Late Fee $30 per athlete (Pay $30 Now)
Entry fees and ticket purchases are non-refundable.


ATHLETE CHECK-IN, TEST & TAN: Fremont Health ClubSt. James Tower920 N 34th St. Suite 200Seattle WA 98103 (Check-in/Weight-in, Drug testing and Spray Tanning). Click here to book your spray tan with Sunkissed.

ELIGIBILITY/QUALIFICATIONS: Entrants must be 7 years drug free and random drug testing will be completed. Proof of age (birth certificate copy or current driver’s license) must accompany any masters or junior entries.

ENTRY: The entry fee is $70 for initial amateur division and $100 for initial pro division and $40 for each additional division. Entries must be received no later than Monday, May 7, 2018; thereafter, $30 late fee per division applies. You will receive additional information by email upon receipt of completed registration form AND payment.

AWARDS: Awards for the champion in each class, swords for overall winners in open classes, best presenter award, and recognition for most inspirational journey. Various other awards will be presented.

GUIDELINES: All competitors will follow NGA rules, guidelines, and mandatory poses (may be found on NGA website). No moon poses. For bodybuilders only: Metallic suits are not allowed. Jewelry is not allowed (wedding bands are acceptable). Bodybuilding women may wear multi-colored suits and jewelry in the evening show. All athletes are subject to drug testing during competition event and for up to three (3) months after receiving an award. Detailed NGA Rules and Regulations including judging criteria: Click here.

BIKINI ATTIRE: Two-piece swimsuits and specific posing heels. All suits must be pre- approved by promoter before you can compete.

POSING MUSIC: House music is used for bikini, figure, and men’s physique. BODYBUILDING, WOMEN’S PHYSIQUE, AND FITNESS ONLY: thumb drive, email audio file, or CDrom MUST BE BLANK EXCEPT for the one piece of music being used and must be free from distortion..all ONLY 60 SECONDS. With permanent pen, write on thumb drive or CDrom with competitor’s name. Maximum length of 60 seconds of music, and 120 seconds for Fitness. ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY! We reserve the right to refuse any media files not meeting these standards and will use house music. Media files must be turned in at athletes’ check-in. Again, media must be provided LABELED LEGIBLY with competitor’s first and last name.

TESTING: Every competitor is polygraphed and/or urinalysis set by appointment with promoter. First come, first served. Fee to testing is $60 CASH good for only for NGA shows. Promoter has the right to test and retest prior to or after the show. BE PREPARED TO TESTING UP TO 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CONTEST.

NGA MEMBERSHIP: All contestants must present current NGA membership card at check-in. NGA amateur cards are $65 annually and/or pro cards are $105 annually. (Click here for NGA website)

TRAINERS PASSES: Trainers are allowed in a specifically designated, strictly enforced area back stage. A $20.00 trainer/coaches’ pass available at Check-in/Weigh-in. This is the only time you can purchase the trainers pass. Trainers badges will be available during athletes meeting at 9:00am Saturday. Show tickets are still required for all trainers/coaches.

JUDGES CRITIQUES: NGA Judges will make notes on judges sheets during pre-judging and finals. Their perspectives help educate athletes on strengths and weaknesses of physique, posing, and presentation. $10 fee online or cash at check-in.

MANDATORY COMPETITOR SCHEDULE: Friday, May 18th Athlete’s Check-in/Weigh-in, and Drug-Testing at Fremont Health Club. Our event director’s assistant will contact you for scheduling options. You will participate in athlete check-in process, drug-testing, weigh-in or get your height checked and check-in music media files at this time. Remember to bring your thumb drive or CDcom with you. Weigh-in for bodybuilding divisions only, must be done in posing attire. Athletes meeting promptly starts at 10:15am on Saturday, May 19th at venue, U-Heights.

All athletes are required to complete and sign a release form at check-in. Banned substances and waiver forms will be completed prior to polygraph examination. Prepare your list of all supplements and doctor prescribed medication before testing. Please arrive at least ten minutes before polygraph appointment. If you are under 18 years old, parent or legal guardian signature is required for your participation.

Again, each athlete entry fee is $70 for initial amateur division and $100 for initial pro division and $40 for each additional division. Entries after Monday, May 10, 2018 at 11:59pm PST, will require a $30 late fee per division. You will receive additional information by email upon receipt of completed online registration form and confirmation of payment.

Please submit your bio and/or thank you’s for the MC to read during your posing routine or presentation t-walk by completing online form.

All athletes staying at the host accommodations, please bring your own dark-colored sheets and towels. The hotel will charge you for damage of stain from tanning products. All competitors venturing around all our venues (hotel and competition), must be completely covered to prevent the tanning product from damaging anything on the properties we use.

No DSLR photography or photography allowed.

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