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Trust The Process Camisoles
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Trust The Process Muscle Shirts
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Physiques Northwest Team Camisoles
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Physiques Northwest Team Dresses
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Coming soon!!! “Trust The Process” hoodies, beanies, and bracelets. 100% of net proceeds benefit low income families and single parents who have limited access to health, fitness, and lifestyle coaching and mentorship programs.

•Classes, Seminars and Workshops
Natural Bodybuilding Seminar (Buy)
Seminar or Posing LARGE Group or Online Class (Buy)
Posing Instruction – SMALL Group (2-3 athletes) (Buy)
Posing Instruction – INDIVIDUAL (1-ON-1) (Buy)
Fuel Your Fitness: Nutrition, Macros & Meal Planning (Buy)
Macros Math Made Easy Series (Buy)
Metabolic Fitness Xperience (MFX) (Buy)
Metabolic Fitness Challenge Participant Admin Fee ($19 Level 1($29 Level 2)
Metabolic Fitness Challenge Participant Guide (Buy)
Metabolic Fitness Coach Certification Curriculum & Manual (Buy)
Metabolic Fitness Coach Certificate Test (Buy)

Physiques Northwest Membership Beginner (Buy)
Physiques Northwest Membership Elite (Buy)
Physiques Northwest Membership FitPro (Buy)

•Photography Packages:  $30 stage shots (Buy) or $50 stage and backstage shots (Buy)

•Seminars and Presentations
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